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September 20, 2007


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I'm glad to see the IBOAI taking the initiative to promote one of our best selling leads... I know O'Zone has mentioned Asafa, but "our" Nutrilite athletes need to be more highly profiled and mentioned in more places, including in all our marketing pieces. The postcards from Quixtar done up earlier in the year with Asafa were great, and I'm hoping that photos and testimonials from all four are included somewhere in the forthcoming Health Pathway/Nutrilite sales kit due in January.

One thing I've done with friends who have a sporting bent is to ask them, "Who is the current world record holder in the 100 m," and if they know what the current record is. Great lead-in to a discussion about Double X.

Can you also post here on the IBOAI Blog when the other Nutrilite athletes score in their events? I know that Melissa Charles is doing it at O'Zone but it merits IBOAI support too... Great to see the IBOAI thinking "marketing" and not just leaving all the responsibility to our good colleagues at Quixtar.

Keep up the great work!!!


Does Asafa Powell have an advertising contract with Amway/Quixtar?
How much does he get beside free doubleX? Who cares?

Get A life!

Did you invent the system? or the pattern? Did you build the distributor organization bigger than big? IF not then shut-up.
Are you loyal?
Do you have morals?

Who want's to go back to 40 hours a week and 60,000 dollars?

Personally I think the evil one is attacking this business opportunity.

I don't get it. A new guy comes along and tools come from a different company. Never on one of the "new" tools do you hear acknowledgement to the man who blew this business wide open, never.

Next the new guy says the prices are unfair. Did you ever stop taking double x for a week, or go back to drinking tap water, or stop drinking XS, or eating the food/protein bars? Everyone has to put up with some grief. Even with all the CRAP this is still the best. Face it . No one knows the secret. All you know is it works and your getting paid better than you've ever been paid in your life. You can't saturate this business, it's not ordained by GOD to be saturated.

Can't you leave well enough alone?
Why do we have to choose sides? Are we fighting a war?
If your disloyal to Amway/Quixtar and the IBOAI board, how do I know you won't be disloyal to me in five years?

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