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August 21, 2008


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I think this should clear up any confusion about the All-In Energy Drink and the compete rules. I think its also is very clear about XS Energy and its motives and support regarding IBOs.


Excellent response from Mr. Duncan.

I've been very proud of the way that XS has promoted their product. They have been outstanding in the support given to IBOs.

Why should it be any sort of scandal if Greg Duncan smartly invests his hard earned money in more than one endeavor? It's his right to diversify his investments, and it sets a good and wise example for the rest of us.

God Bless Greg Duncan and his business. Keep setting the pace for the rest of us!


If anyone has witnessed all the free product and free support material XS Energy Drink has distributed to IBOs in the last six years, as well as the tireless hours people like the "Road Dogs" have put in at events like Achievers and the National Spotlights, they'd be fools to think that the principals of XS Energy Drink didn't have full confidance in the IBOs' ability to move hundreds of millions of dollars worth of product.

And bigger fools to think that the principals of XS Energy Drink would jeopardize their relationship with Amway/Quixtar and the IBOs.

Looking forward to XS Gold next month!


Yes, I can hardly wait to see XS GOLD... just got a marketing email from XS people earlier this week about it. Going to be a totally new category of product, far more interesting in my opinion than 'Perfect' Water.

Good on Greg Duncan and associates!!! :)


Thanks for clearing up the confusion. It's amazing the fuss people will make over something that will have no effect on their business.
Amway Global is still the best biz opportunity out there and I'm happy to be associated with such an awesome company.


The purpose of marketing All in Energy is for "reducing costs and enhancing the effectiveness of products for IBOs and to empower opportunities for IBOs" ???

c'mon guys, I'm clearly a supporter of the biz, but that bit of PR speak is a little hard to swallow ...

[You can argue with Greg Duncan’s wording but you can’t argue with the results – no price increase in six years and lots of free support for IBOs. It’s kind of hard to have a debate over motive, especially if you don’t know the person or the details behind the story. Moderator 2]


I did see this one too. Either I didn't believe it or I believed that it wasn't a direct violation, due to the fact that it's aimed more at the Poker and card playing crowds, hence the name.

It's like putting your business money into more than one hat. You see something that is of low risk and you go with it. Specially since the pricing is more expensive than XS. You got too many flavors to directly compete. But Greg has always talked about "all in" mentality. I've met him and his brother, and anyone that has heard him knows how much he values this business, with Brad loving it probably even more, for what it has given his family.

Heck, I'd like to have an extra bit of cash to dabble in something myself. Take a risk and have some fun. If you got the cash, it's probably better than buying a new Mercedes. Your hope is that it doesn't depreciate like a car!

It's not like he is getting free on the deal :)



I don't think IBOFightBack is arguing the "wording".

The purpose of All In is to make money for the owners.

A side benefit is reducing manufacturing and distribution costs of XS.

The purpose of a FOR-profit business is to make a profit.

I'd question the soundness of any business owner's strategy if his/her motives were any different.



Seems like XS energy drinks are badly overpriced. Is it any wonder the price hasn't been raised? Hardly a legitimate brag.

What you are really saying is that the company and principles take the profits they make by selling XS and invest in other outside investments like All In energy drinks hoping to make even more profits? Your explanation of the situation is very odd. Anyone IBO trying to retail XS then has to compete against all other energy drinks. Are you trying to say that the self consumption product pyramid which markets XS really doesn't compete against other products whether they be from other MLM competitors or brick and mortar stores?

[1.) No, XS Energy Drinks are actually very reasonably priced, which is why they are so popular – one of our best selling brands. 2.) “Our” explanation is the first two paragraphs, which is quite simple and straightforward. What part of “the rumor is false” don’t you understand? 3.) IBOs trying to retail any brands through Quixtar.com has to compete against all other similar brands, whatever the product; it’s called selling in a free-market economy. All brands compete against all other brands. That’s business. 4.) Quixtar isn’t a self-consumption pyramid – in this case “if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck,” it must be a decoy floated by a hunting ambush. Moderator2]


Interesting.....I hope Mr.Duncans product AllIN has great success, I'd like to try some. Compete with XS?? XS is the greatest.


Wierd how some people just try and make a mountain out of a molehill! A guy owns a company that makes stuff - that is what America is all about. If he was violating the rules, the corp. would be all over him. Many companies rebrand the same product for different markets. I don't know if this product is the same formulation as XS or not, but it has a different brand, so it is a different product. IMHO


XS is my favorite carbonated drink. Now that I've been drinking it for a few months, I can't stand the taste of sodas or other sugared energy drinks. It's just a great product.

Seems like someone needs a hobby other than creating rumors designed to harm someone. (kind of like all the rhetoric that's ubiquitous in politics right now)


QIAC, there is no such thing as a "self consumption product pyramid". It's just a term made up by a few anti-mlm zealots. Check out my post addressing this from more than a year ago - http://tinyurl.com/pyramidmyth


Wow this is pretty awesome. I trust Amway Global and Greg Duncan because of the fruit on their tree and knew it had to be a misunderstanding by some. I'm boggled by the comments above regarding the "self consumption product pyramid" comment though... I'm sorry, it seems like you're denigrating my informed decision to use a product that will actually assist me in having a brighter financial future than going to say a "brick and mortar" store and purchasing a product that is a consumable but not an equity. Would you rather i joined a true pyramid that has no product but just promises wealth by taking away from others thru signing bonus schemes? With Amway Global and Quixtar I'm offering a true good and service that benefits others and gives an ROI to me personally. That's called the American Dream - free enterprise.

Thank you Greg Duncan and those who are working to make our business even better and better! Pish to rumors!


For the record, QuixtarIsACult is not nor ever has been an IBO.

A quote from QAIC regarding Team Nutrlite's performance at the Olympics, who won 2 Golds, 1 Silver, and 2 Bronze medals:

"Wouldn’t it be easier to just admit that Team Nutrilite sucked at the Olympics then to try to 'spin' it as if they were somehow winners?" http://www.thetruthaboutamway.com/congratulations-team-nutrilite-olympians/#comments

His comments got uglier and nastier before he was banned from the site.

QIAC is a critic not just of Amway Global, but the entire Direct Selling and MLM industries, even though he has no first-hand experience with either.

I first had the "privilege" of meeting QIAC, who also goes under the handle "Bob Hart" and "Bob H." on Beth Dornan's blog in February, when he made critical comments and libelous claims, providing zero proof to back them up.

His first comment was on February 18, 2008


XS has done very well in our company which is a boost for us and the XS owners. It is nice to rep a product that has ingredients that are better for you. XS has done well even though there is a lot of competition out there. Competition is what makes our marketplace thrive. As for pricing... you need to compare apples to apples not to oranges. From my research, I have not found another product that compares.

Mr Duncan has the right, within the guidelines that he has agreed upon, to invest his money as he pleases. Since energy drinks are in such great demand now that investment seems like a logical choice.

QIAC, you mentioned the term self-consumption product pyramid. Does that mean that you do not believe that if you own a store (brick & mortar or an internet store) that you would not buy from your own store? For me buying from my own store makes as much sense as voting for myself when I am a candidate. You have to have confidence in what you are pursuing.

I suppose if you don't believe in yourself you would have no reason to support yourself. With the training support that I receive from WW, my self esteem is building. I'm thankful for that training.

So, as for me, I rep good quality products at my store, my customers attest to that, and I would not shop anywhere else because of that and the bonus is that I earn money back from my shopping. How are you doing? Are you following your dreams? I am.


Just wanted to briefly the address the price issue brought up by "quixtarisacult" (now there is an unbiased user name.)

I love XS and their 9 regular and 3 decaf flavors. I had never tried competitor's products, but I was curious to see how the prices compared.

I did a search for R*d B*ll (c) and the first site I went to offered to ship a case of 24 for $46.99 with shipping of $10.56 for a total of $57.55.

XS is offered for a case of 12 for $23.88 (retail) so for 24 cans, the price would be $47.76 with a shipping of $8.75 for a total of $56.51.

This is a savings of $1.04 - at retail. Certainly not more expensive, but less expensive!


The American Way. Am-way for those of you who didn't know it.

I am so proud of my involvement as an IBO to fight against non-american ways. Being able to have my own control of my future by building my Amway Global Quixtar business has long-been what I was looking for. Nothing could be more pure of a business model than one that actually rewards you for your effort--rewards that I earn, not rewards on what I think I deserve. It definately isn't easy to do, it definately isn't hard either.

Most would pass by such an opportunity because they've been trained to "go to school, get good grades, to get a good job" because that's what "everyone says to do" or because "that's what everyone else does." Nothing is wrong with education, however, education was put into this country in the 18 Century and hasn't changed. Times have changed though and so does the economy.

Well, if I were to continue doing what everyone else does, I will continure to put my self into a home I can't afford, put my self into major consumer debt, buy autos I can't afford, live up on the hill, (where everyone else lives) and act as if I were wealthy "because everyone else does."

How nice would it be, to actually earn my living for the life I want, rather than live my life in living to only look like I'm living? (appearance of being wealthy)

It's as simple as an accounting balance sheet: assets vs liabilities. If I have a profession or work a job, I'm working for (or paying) my employer or the owner.

(Yes, my employer pays me, but he makes far more off of me, than what I make off of him, AND I hardly get paid what I think I'm worth--now that sounds more like a "self-consumption pyramid" to me--or shall I call it a scheme? Yes, it's legal too! Talk about self-absorbed or self-consumed--that's an employer. As owner, he wants me to perform more and better for him!)

But, back to the accounting balance sheet. If I have a job, I work for my employer or owner; In reality, I am also working for the government (via taxes); and if I have a home, I work for the bank. Did you know that it takes from January to mid May for most in America to pay off the government? Yes to pay our taxes that's how much of our work-year is devoted to it.

So in a nutshell, with my income, I work for the owner, my expenses are me working for the government, and with my liabilities, I work for the bank.

That's not so much of a win-win situation if you ask me. Yet 95% of America is in this boat and sinking! As for us IBO's who'd rather do something better, who'd rather make a difference, who'd rather be in a ship that's sailing? Amway Global is that ship, and it's been sailing for 50 years! Ha--go Team Nutrilite! You're taking the best nutritional supplement out there! Go every IBO who is fighting against the normal world, against those who think it's odd to actually work for your own financial future. Go to each of us who are building business in this "free market economy" to better our lives and the lives of those around us and of those we are in business with. Who cares what everyone else thinks. We've got the best, and we know it!

wwdbkevin (formerly irishkevbo)

To Quixtarisacult: 1. XS Energy drinks are not overpriced; they are cheaper than all major competitors at any retail store. Just because it "seems to" you they are does not hold any validity since you have no experience in retail sales or the energy drink market. 2. Greg Duncan does not own Quixtar, he is an independent business owner and whatever he does with his profit in other businesses is his right as an entrepreneur in America. But since you don't participate in that system your comment once again holds no validity. 3. XS is not sold through a pyramid. A pyramid is a system that pays to recruit, Quixtar does not. A Pyramid is where there is a frontload or quota on purchasing products, which Quixtar does not.
P.S A pyramid that did over 6.8 billion worldwide last year? Wow, thanks for exposing the truth.


wwdbkevin, thanks for the comments. Its great to see more and more current IBOs start to contribute their thoughts, opinions, and experiences about this business. Another good site to contribute your thoughts is at www.amwaytalk.com. Its an IBO-run site that lets people express their views about this great opportunity. I think the more constructive feedback we can get online the better.


Wow. Didn't realize someone not involved in the business could get so worked up over something that doesn't even affect them. XSGold is going on Advanced order soon and is going to be AWESOME. It has every berry and antioxident someone would want. So excited for it to come out. One more thing to make money with. Thank you.


Re: the Nutrilite athletes. Don't you think just the fact that they competed in the Olympics makes them winners? Only the BEST in the world compete there. I loved it when Bolt said he was only worried about Asafa Powell. He know how good he normally is!


XS is very competitively priced with other 8.4 oz varities and no one can touch the incredible flavor selection! In regards to G Duncan and his comments. I wish him success in ALL that he does, and to continue to be a positive influence in peoples lives. And any current or future endeavors he chooses to pursue will not change the commitment and support he gives to Amway Global and its IBOs. Period.


It is amazing to me how upset people can get over something that is none of their business. Mr. Greg Duncan has worked his hinny off to be where he is today and that is why he is in the limelight of jealous people who have nothing else to do but complain about what they don't have. If you put an honest work habit into Amway-Global, you will also reap the rewards. Greg Duncan has every right to do what he wants with his money. That is the American Way! It just proves that when you hang around with chickens and raise your head up to see, someone will come by and try to knock you down. Get your own life and quit trying to ruin someone elses!


Greg Duncans dealings outside of the business does not affect anyone in the Amway Global business He should be able to have the freedom to do what he wants to as long as it does not do that.

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